Salt Lamps are not only beautiful to look at, they also provide many health benefits. Keep reading to find out the many uses of Himalayan Salt lamps and how you can win your own set of Salt Lamps.

Salt Lamps are available in many shapes, grades, sizes and colors. You can even find Natural Crystal lamps that are similar to salt lamps but are made from pure, natural crystals such as amethyst.
Finding a beautiful salt lamp to decorate your home, office, or meditation room is easy with the many variations available but were you aware of the many health benefits that they possess?

1 – Boosts Energy Levels

2- Decreases Stress

3 – Improves Sleep Quality

4 – Purifies The Air

5 – Decreases Allergy Symptoms

6 – Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder

7- Enhances Mood

8 – Reduces Static Electricity

9 – Supports Immune System

10 – Balances Sacral Chakra
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SoWell Salt Lamp Halloween Giveaway