17 Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors In The Winter

With the rising cost of fresh produce and the present state of the economy, growing your own food is something many people are considering. However, not everyone has the land of space for lush gardens. Here are 20 edible plants that you can grow indoors for for the winter , or any other time of the year!

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The Best Plants To Grow Indoors


Aromatic herbs are one of the easiest edible plants to grow in your indoor garden. All you really need are a couple of window sills and your imagination!

Herbs or so versatile, you can you them to stock you own herbal apothecary, a dried herb cabinet and to make medicinal tinctures as well as to season your food and canned goods.


Growing Microgreens indoors is super easy , especially if you already have a bakers rack kicking around. Just install some supplemental lighting for a never ending supply of organic superfood.

Garden Tower Project


Did you know that you could grown your own avocado tree from seed? 

Avocados are high in good fats and can be used to make a number of thick, creamy recipes.

Simply poke 4 toothpicks into the the pit and set over a glass of water until the root sprouts. You can then pot your avocado seed in to a pot and watch your avacado tree grow . *** You can chop and freeze for smoothies!


Ginger is great for alleviating inflammation and improving circulation. Grown your own medicinal ginger plant for cooking , baking, juicing and dehydrating. Candied ginger is great for helping relieve stomach upset. 


Tumeric is a great plant to consider for your indoor garden. Plant this anti inflammatory plant in beautiful pots and place in front of a sunny window, sun room or under some grow lights. Tumeric makes a great plant to grow indoors as it makes a great house plant as well. 

Lemon Tree:

Grow your own organic lemon tree from seed and grow year round in your indoor garden.  This is a great plant to keep in a sunny kitchen window or in a greenhouse.


Scallions are another great thing to grow indoors and can easily be grown on a bakers rack with the correct lighting. You can create your own never ending supply and dehydrate for use in soups, dips and to make your own diy onion powder.


Tomatoes are a great indoor plant , especially if you have a sunny picture window. Imagine having access year round to juicy tomatoes , for sandwiches, salads and canning tomatoes, You can also dehydrate tomatoes and make your own tomato powder.


Garlic is a staple in any kitchen and it is easy to grow right on your kitchen window sill! Garlic is a great addition to your indoor garden. Garlic touts many health benefits and is the #1 flavor booster. 


Potatoes can easily be grown in your indoor vegetable garden. Just make sure you use a big enough container. Some ideas are potato bins, garbage bins or totes. 

If you have a closed off porch or sunroom , it would do best there with some supplemental lighting. 


Lettuce is something that I grow on my bakers rack. We created a diy gardening rack by adding a grow light to one of the tiers of my metal bakers rack. You can also buy covers to go over these to create an indoor greenhouse. 

Mixed lettuce is my favorite to plant, once it reaches about 6 inches or so you can start trimming to use it and it just keeps growing and providing a never ending supply of fresh salad greens. There are also ways for you to grow 50 plants in 4 square feet of space! 


Onions are one of the best plants to grow indoors. Again, this is something I feel would grow best in a tote or window box.  Harvest your onions and freeze or dehrdrate them. Grind your dehydrated onions for a fresh and tasty diy onion powder.


Beets are best started indoors even when planting your outdoor garden. They can also be grown indoors year round. This is another vegetable that I feel are best grown in totes, you can fit more in a tote and grow bigger beets that if using a standard pot.  Beets will grow even bigger an better if grown in an indoor grow tent. 


If you are going to grow carrots indoors, it would be best to use either a deep window planter box or a tote. 

It is possibly to grow carrots in old milk cartons if you are really trying to upcycle and save money!


There are several types of dwarf citrus trees that can easily be grown indoors and then later moved outside to your deck or patio. 


Radishes are great indoor plants using window sill planters. Grow your own radishes indoors for salads or for pickled radishes all year long!


Mushrooms are a staple in many households. You can easily grow your own mushrooms in your basement or in a cupboard. Visit indoorgardennook.com for some great instructions on growing your own mushrooms indoors.

The Best Indoor Gardening Ideas!

If you have a large sunroom , large bay window or an indoor grow ten you can grow fresh produce indoors all year long. 

Do you grow any of your food or medicine  indoors? I would love to hear what you are growing in your indoor vegetable garden.

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