DIY Christmas Gifts

Still need a few Christmas Gifts but short on Cash? Try this awesome DIY  Farmhouse Christmas Decor Rustic Noel Sign.

You can put this together for literally a few dollars and similar signs sell on Etsy for $50 or more.

I made this sign with Letters purchased from the dollar store , moss that I had already (purchased at the dollar store)  and one of the many pieces of barn board that I just happen to have laying around, The rest of the embellishments were from old decorations or little bits that I snipped off from other Christmas decorations.

Over all I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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I started with painting the letters with chalkboard black because originally I was just going to make the “O’ look like a wreath. After I had finished the wreath and placed it with the other letters on the piece of barn board, I though it would look cool if I did all of the letters. I will post a photo of both so you can see the difference and it may help you decide what you would like to do if you make a sign similar to this one.


Gather Up All Your Supplies For Your DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign

Diy Christmas Decorations Dollar Store

Supplies You Will Need:

  •  Letters from the Dollar Store
  • Barn Board ( Mine is  about 31 inches long but I recommend you base your board size on how big your letters are and what other embellishments you may want to use)
  • Paint
  • Craft Moss
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Items to use for decorations (Rosehips, Pipberries, Acorns, Christmas Ornaments) 
  • Picture Hanger 
  • Can of Faux Snow
  • Broom ( for all of the moss that will fall on the floor)
DIY Christmas Sign
Diy Noel Christmas Sign

After I painted all of the letters , I started gluing on the moss with my handy dandy hot glue gone . If you have a rubber finger thimble , it will protect you from the hot glue when you go to press down on the moss.

Once you completely have the O covered in moss ( Mine is actually a Q, they were out of O’s lol ) start laying out the decorations you have decided to use and get a rough idea of placement before gluing on permanently.

I then put a little hot glue on the back of each letter and attached to the barn board. My husband then attached the letters with his nail gun , along with a picture hanging bracket to the back of the board.

It was at this point that I decided that I wanted to cover all of the letters.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign
DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign
DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign
DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign

Thrifty DIY Christmas Craft

I literally used snips to remove little bits from decor I already had up and little odds ends I had in my craft room. #thrifty

I then gave a few spots a light dusting of faux snow and added some wrapped jute to the top and bottom of the board.

And voila! An awesome diy christmas decor sign made from dollar store supplies and leftovers.

If you made your own version of the sign, post a pic and tag me on Instagram! @lipsticksandlavender