These cute little diy Gnomes were so easy & fun to make! These will make great DIY Christmas Gifts. Keep reading to learn how to make your own Christmas gnomes.

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The nice thing about this project it is that it can be very budget friendly! I picked up everything I needed at the Dollar Store for the most part, and picked up some black faux fur at Walmart.

You can also pick up faux fur from Michaels, Amazon, Etsy or several other crafting sites.

I picked up most of the supplies at our local Dollar Store.  I went in with a general idea of how the gnomes should look and was pretty happy with the selection. Some of  the things you may find at the dollar store: ( Bonus I discovered when I got there was that some of the Christmas items were lined with faux fur! )

  • Christmas Socks
  • Christmas Hats
  • Tree Skirts
  • Wooden Buttons
  • Beans, Rice or other material for stuffing
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue
  • Wooden Bowl fillers ( for nose and decorating)
  • Buttons
  • Baby Booties ( for feet if you make gnomes with feet)
  • Jute , Ribbon , Christmas Bells etc.


Festive Diy Christmas Gnomes On A Budget

The first step was to cover the bag of weighted material with your chosen sock. Just slip it over the bag and slightly indent the middle so that the sock folds in to the bag and fill the well with glue. The next thing that was done was to cut the sock I chose to use for the had at the heal. Tie of the cut end with an rubber elastic and then secure with string. You will then want to stuff the sock a little so that it sits properly on the head.

For this beard, I re purposed the fur trimming from one of the hats I had picked up at the dollar store, Just grab a seam ripper or small pair of scissors and rip the first seam or two, it should then just pull apart fairly easily. I cut a small piece off and then trimmed it to a more triangular shape.


There are several different ways to go about making these adorable little gnomes , I find the quickest & easiest way is the no sew method. ( My glue gun has been getting a lot of action these days!) For the first one I used a bag of lentils I already had here to test this as a shelf sitter . These little bags of beans ( or rice) work well because it keeps them protected from the elements and takes away the need for filling the socks.

For the nose, I had picked up a bag of rustic bowl fillers that had these perfect little wooden balls to use. I left mine rustic but feel free to paint it flesh colored tone. Before we secure the hat , decide where you will want the nose to go by also roughly placing the beard as a guide.

Glue the nose in place with hot glue.  Place a small dot of glue under the nose to secure the beard and then a small dot at each corner of the beard and secure under the hat. You can secure the hat down with more …. you guessed it… hot glue!

Once that hat has been secured you can then add your embellishments. I chose to use the pom pom that was on the end of the hat that I ripped apart for the fur . ( The rest is left over material for another gnome) Some other options would be to make a diy pom pom , use jungle bells or make tassles for the end of the hat. Next I glued on some small vintage looking Christmas ball ornaments to the hat to make it  jingle.

At this point you could also choose to add arms or legs but for these little guys , I thought they would make perfect little shelf sitters just as they are.

DIY Gnome Making Supplies

You could choose to use rice and add a few drops of essential oils to make your little gnomes smell like Christmas or a stress reducing gnome by adding Lavender or Frankincense essential oils.

So many creative options when making these amazing DIY Christmas Gifts. I would love to see the gnomes you make , upload your Christmas gnome to Instagram and tag @lipsticksandlavender