If you are anything like me, then chemicals are not something your want in your bath & beauty products! You can easily make your own natural soap without lye and add in beneficial essential oils, dried herbs and nourishing butters and oils.


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When I had my brick and mortar candle and gift store , I sold beautiful handcrafted soap from other artisans as well as my own handcrafted natural soaps.

Soap making DIY style is easier than you may think. If you are a beginner to soap making and don’t to spend a ton of time messing around with  formulations ( believe me when I say you will …) , starting with a premade soap base will be the way you want to go,


You can really tailor your pre made soap base depending on the skin condition , chakra, or mood you are wanting to treat.

There are many soap bases to choose from that don’t require you to work with highly caustic lye.


What Kind Of Natural Soap Bases Are Available?

You can start making your own natural soap even more easily with a complete beginner soap making kit that provides you with everything you will need to make your own diy natural soap.

Just add your chosen essential oils and dried herbs.

You can make an entire loaf of soap at one time and cut after the the soap has cured , or use single molds , I love to use a bee mold for the honey based soaps.

I am a HUGE fan Of handcrafted Natural Products and I LOVE knowing exactly what is going in to my products. Beautiful , handcrafted soap makes a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

I would love to hear from you if you have a favorite natural DIY Recipe to share..just leave me a comment below.