How To Start green pepper seeds indoors

If you are anything like me, then you go through a TON of green peppers! Learn how to grow your own green peppers from seed so that you always have plenty on hand for your culinary needs.

Green peppers are in my top 5 of most used vegetables. I use them fresh in salads and for veggie platters and charcuterie boards. I also use them , along with onions and mushroom as the holy trio to any stir fry.

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This past summer, I also started making my own sauces and salsa and will be adding canned soup to the mix as soon as I can get myself a pressure canner.  With that being said , this year we really need to increase our harvest for peppers and tomatoes because this girl needs to preserve her own food!

Growing your own food lends to a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as cuts out all of those nasty, harsh chemicals going in to your body! Watch the video below to see how we got our first seeds started indoors with a mix of pepper seeds. 

How To Grow Pepper Plants From Seed For Beginner Gardeners

We buy seeds from a number of different places and love to harvest seeds from the produce we buy from the local Mennonite farm because we know that they are organic.

If you are looking for indoor growing tents and indoor growing supplies, we recommend Growers House , Etsy & Amazon and to buy local when you can.

Turn Store Bought Peppers Into New Pepper Plants

If you have been wanting to learn how to grow bell peppers from seeds , now is the perfect time for you to start your seeds indoors and start growing your own groceries! 

Green peppers also do really well in indoor grow tents, so you can grow peppers all year long!

Once you have your own steady supply of organic green peppers, you can also dehydrate them and toss them in your Ninja Blender or Vitamix to make your own green pepper powder. Mix it with other dehydrated vegetables to make your own powdered vegetable mix.

What is your favorite thing to do with peppers?

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