The Benefits of Gardening & Growing Your Own Food

There are many benefits to gardening & growing your own food. I started gardening as an activity to reduce stress , as well as to get me active and outdoors. It quickly became my favorite past time and I spent as much time as I possibly could last year in garden centers and greenhouses. I also quickly began to appreciate the beauty and wonder of plants. I am always thinking about what I can plant next and what kind of harvest I will get.

One of the biggest benefits of gardening and growing your own food is that you get to control the quality of the food you are putting into your mouth.

We are working towards a more organic lifestyle, so that means no using chemicals which are only detrimental to your health.


We spent some time tonight laying out some garden plans. We have a bunch of seeds that will we be starting and are really interested in gardening in small spaces and someday having a food forest of our very own.

One of the gardens that we visited this past summer had a beautiful fairy garden and it is my full intention to incorporate a few fairy gardens around the property as well.  I am envisioning the hordes of hydrangeas, sweet williams, hostas, butterfly bushes and so much more! ( We have some pretty ambitious projects planned! ) And I am already thinking about all of the different planters I will need! ( wink! wink! ) Confession: I watch A LOT of Garden Answers!

I can’t wait to harvest it all and begin the canning, dehydrating and freezing projects. Along with the multitude of gardening projects. Hurry up Spring!

We have even discussed the possibility of bee keeping, even though I am allergic!

Are you a gardener? I would love to hear about your gardens in the comments below.