If you are anything like me then you love a good gardening project! Keep reading to see how I created this upcycled DIY Succulent Chair Planter.

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I started gardening last year as a way to help with anxiety and it quickly became my favorite thing to do. We have a ton of outdoor and indoor projects planned for this year and last week we got started on some of our flower beds. While we were out at our local greenhouse, I saw the most beautiful succulent planters and it inspired me to do up this upcycled succulent chair planter.

My husband and I actually did this project last year but we had it filled with hibiscus, some geraniums and other annuals.

We had purchased a bunch of baby succulents a few months back and made up some terrariums.


DIY Succulent Chair Planter

Turn an old chair in to a beautiful succelent planter for your garden or outdoor living space. Diy Succulent Planter // Succulent Garden Ideas // Succulent Garden Chair // DIY Garden Project

The terrariums were only a  temporary project as the succulents had been purchased to create outdoor summer projects on a budget! And while the succulent planters at the greenhouse were absolutely beautiful, I could not justify the $130 price tag. And then I remembered last years chair project and the fact that it needed something in it for this year….

The beauty of this project is technically I wasn’t out any money because I had repurposed items I already had lying around the house! The chair still had good rich soil in it from last year, so really all I did was transplant some succulents I already had grown in the house.
I keep two soils on hand, a cactus blend and an organic potting soil. Blending these two soils together will give a nice balance for outdoor succulents.


diy succulent planter, succulent plater ideas

I think it turned out really nice and will be beautiful once it fills out! I will be sure to add some updated pics to this post but the best place to catch updated project pics is to follow me on Instagram.

Do you have any gardening projects planned for this summer? I am still on the hunt for some easy to maintain perennials for my gardens, so feel free to post your recommendations below.

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upcycled chair planter, diy garden planter

Succulents are beautil plants on their own but they can really add beauty to old upcycled items like birdcages, antique toy trucks , old cans, and enamel bowls.